Issue 201

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 201

Novella Slawomir Rapala, Of Tyrants and Gods, part 1; part 2
Elizabeth Alexander, Colour in the Night
Hungry Guy, Sathya Downloads Bennie, part 1; conclusion
John Hawfield, Horse Sense
J. B. Hogan, Exile, part 1; conclusion
Denise Kelly LeBlanc, The Warning, part 1; conclusion
Michael E. Lloyd, Big Night Out, part 1; conclusion
Gerald E. Sheagren, Backfire
E. S. Strout, Four’s a Crowd
Poetry Donna Gagnon, My Dad
Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Rummy Park, The Gift
Christine Lucas, Dragon Weather
Douglas Pugh, Shropshire
John Stocks, Awe


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christine Lucas
Challenge Challenge 201: Endings or Beginnings?
Letters Rachel Parsons and Don Webb discuss...
    Dealing With Bureaucracy
Henry D. Vicar writes about Feedback
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Jerry Wright and Danielle L. Parker review...
    Vernor Vinge, Rainbows End
Editorial Jerry Wright, Favorite Things

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