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What’s in Issue 449

Novel Donas undertakes an escape by night with Mak and Rani. A mysterious, fleeting memory of a story of dwarves comes back to haunt her: Mary B. McArdle, Give Them Wine
Novella Security analyst Jake Gilbert detects strange radio signals. Meanwhile, Fred Hart’s morning ablutions are interrupted when he finds himself mysteriously transported to another planet: Richard M. Smith, A Bridge to Earth, chapter 2.
Serials Thomas recalls the kindness of Mrs. Quadrini and his debt to her and her grandsons. One of them, Joe, has run afoul of an old rival, Jeong Bae, who has become an interplanetary oligarch: Dan Reed, Boys from the Neighborhood, part 3; part 4.

Alcyb learns that Veela is controlled by narwhals, and he strives to rescue her: Christine E. Schulze, One Thousand and One Maidens, part 3; part 4.
Two boys find a common interest in comic books and support for each other without the means of speech: Chris Castle, Speech Bub, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Margaret Karmazin shows how the immediacy of modern communications could cause the inadvertent extinction of humanity: Coitus Interruptus.

New contributor Allen Kopp portrays an independent-minded boy who, abandoned, seeks comfort with a human face: Phiz, part 1; conclusion.

New contributor Bill McCormick introduces, Spark, a musician who learns of a terrorist plot to bring a computerized world to an apocalyptic end: And the Beat Goes Phut.
New contributor Gerald Heys shows how an orangutan can make a monkey out of a zookeeper: Man of the Woods.
Poetry Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Mercy
Mike McGonegal, A Pan of Lack
New contributor Boghos L. Artinian, Demeanor Retracted
Drama New contributor Gordon Purkis stages a series of conversations leading from poetry to the end of the world: Judas Street: an Emotional History.


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Gerald Heys, Margaret Karmazin, Bill McCormick, and Gordon Purkis.
Challenge Challenge 449 Text Me
Letters Thomas F. Wylie, On “Childhood Cracked”
The Art
Richard Ong, Fall Colour
NASA: Picture of the Day
Sky and Telescope, This Week’s Sky at a Glance

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