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Bewildering Stories

A Shopping List

by Danielle L. Parker and Don Webb

Bewildering Stories has no official “holday” issues, but we are fond of the practical. As the winter or summer solstice approaches, depending on your hemisphere, various religions and cultures hold festivals, which often include gift-giving. And books are always a dependable choice.

Bewildering Press has permanent thumbnails and links on our home page, and those works are our standing recommendations. This list suggests other books for various tastes. They will take your friends and relatives to outer space, or to an alternate time — or just plain spook them out! The non-fiction is not horror, but it is the most frightening of all.

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Reviews at Bewildering Stories are by Danielle or Don unless noted otherwise.

Danielle L. Parker

Space Operas

Jack Vance, The Demon Princes series
The Demon Princes, vol. 1
The Demon Princes, vol. 2
Jack Vance at his amazing best in five fantastic installments.

John C. Wright, The Golden Age trilogy
Golden Age trilogy : by Jörn Grote
The Golden Age
The Phoenix Exultant
The Golden Transcendence: Last Masquerade
Modern space opera and a grand romance.


Ray Bradbury, 100 Most Celebrated Tales
Bradbury’s best prose poetry can stand beside Poe’s.

William Hope Hodgson, The House on the Borderland
One of the greatest horror classics of all time.

Marvin & Saralee Kaye, eds., A collection of horror gems.

Don Webb

Space Opera

Joe Haldeman, The Forever War
Awards: Nebula (1975), Hugo, Locus (1976). All Quiet on the Western Front is brought to the Vietnam war — and beyond. Required reading.

Time Travel

Ward Moore, Bring the Jubilee
After almost 60 years, still probably the all-time classic of time travel and alternate history. Required reading.

Future History

Walter M. Miller, Jr., A Canticle for Leibowitz
The all-time classic of future history. Required reading.


Karen Armstrong, The Battle for God
Examines the causes of the 21st century’s world-wide civil war.

Jane Jacobs, Dark Age Ahead
Why it’s coming, and how it can be avoided.

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and Don Webb

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