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Bewildering Stories

Challenge 720

Ghost Bust-In

  1. In Patric Quinn’s “Sounds in the Dark,” Who or what is haunted: Bob Devlin or the house?

  2. In Karin S. Heigl’s “Black Dragon,” how can the story be read as current political satire?

  3. In Gary Clifton’s “Happy Jack”:

    1. Who is the story really about: Happy Jack or George?
    2. Does George’s mother ever appear “on stage” in the story?
    3. In the opening, George meets a regular customer and then Happy Jack. How do those two characters define the rest?
    4. George has a case of unearned guilt. What causes it?
  4. In A. T. Sayre’s “I’m Not Robert”:

    1. Technically speaking, is Robert reconstructed, replicated, revived, resuscitated or resurrected? Or is a different term needed?
    2. Robert says his body and mind are the same as before but that he’s somehow different; he isn’t Robert. How does he know? How does his experience differ from waking from a bad dream?

    3. Match these four statements with the appropriate responses. Explain your choices:
      1. I’m not Robert.
      2. I am not Robert.
      3. I ain’t no Robert.
      4. I am, too, Robert.
      1. Who is Robert?
      2. What is a Robert?
      3. Says who?
      4. Who are you?
    4. If you knew you were going to be resurrected, what kind of body would you ask for? The same as before? Or would you like some... improvements?

Responses welcome!

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