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Bewildering Stories

Third Anniversary Retrospective

winter and spring 2005

The Editors’ Choices from Issues 126-150

We mark a season of national holidays in North America and perhaps elsewhere with this unnumbered Third Anniversary issue. It takes a look back over the second half of Bewildering Stories’ third year of publication and brings you the editors’ favorites. New readers will have a sample of what Bewildering Stories has been doing; veteran readers will have the chance to catch up on anything they may have missed.

We’ll resume regular publication with issue 155 on July 11, 2005.

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In Times to Come
Everything in green is a link.
Lists proceed alphabetically by author and chronologically by title.
All serials — including novels — must have concluded at some point in issues 126-150 in order to qualify. Novels link to the table of contents in the authors’ bibliographies; other serials and multiple-installment short stories link to the first installment.
Novel Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One: Singing of promises...
Novellas Tala Bar, Sacrifice
Jeff Brown, A Wave from a Chimney
Danielle L. Parker, The Thief of Joy and Light
Rachel Parsons, I Get My Caresses from the Blood of My Victims
Bob Sorensen, And The Truth Shall Set You Free
Delo White, A Wild, Ill-Tempered Bowlegged Woman
Robert Allen, The Issue at Hand
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Singalong
Byron Bailey, Yanks
Tala Bar, The Minstrel in the Forest
Christian R. Bonawandt, Durrtan’s Quest
Deborah Cimo, Conversation at Face Value
David H. Fears, Something Woke Me
Beverly Forehand Daniel Green, The Parasite Text
Jörn Grote, Imagine Live Imagine
Gareth Jones, Fluctuations
R D Larson D. A. Madigan Kenneth Nichols, No Tears for Death
Danielle L. Parker Robert Payette, Advent Now
Catfish Russ, You Be the Judge!
Greg Schatz, Odonata
Laurie Seidler, In the Box
James Wasserman, The Man Who Could Not Leave
Lewayne L. White, The Full Moon Caper
Beth Wodzinski, The Lemon Handlers
David R. Eland, Xenophiles
Jörn Grote, The Edge of the World
Sean Hower, Breaking Up, Breaking Down
Laurie Seidler, Miracle Baby
Poetry Ian Donnell Arbuckle
Deborah Cimo Aryan Kaganof, Ten Pages
Julian Lawler, Cain
C. Meton, The Orkeldor
John Olson, The New Neighbors
Thomas D. Reynolds
Roberto Sanhueza, Cry Me Not
Essays Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Writ on Water
Byron Bailey, Xochiquetzal’s Holiday
G. David Schwartz, The Masquerade
Steven Utley, Perspicacious Pursuit®
Challenges by Don Webb
What’s the Joke?
On the Cutting Edge
Scene Changes
Untold Tales
Get Ready for a Shock
Editorials by Jerry Wright unless otherwise noted:
The Death of Civility
The Journey
What is a Plethora, el Guapo?
In Memoriam: Frank Kelly Freas
Is More Less?
The Limits to Growth
Time and Chance...
Don Webb, Happens to Us All
News from Down Home
A Mixed Bag
Visiting the Monkeyhouse
Reading Electronically
E-Books Redux
Art : with Don Webb
SF and the Net
Failure of Imagination
Don Webb, Unwinding the “Vicious Spiral”

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