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Bewildering Stories

Second Anniversary Retrospective
issues 81-90

Year 2
Issues 53-60
Issues 61-70
Issues 71-80
Issues 81-90
Issues 91-104

Bewildering Stories looks back fondly on Year 2 (issues 53-104) and lists titles of special interest to newcomers. The selections are listed alphabetically by author in each category. Every title is a link.

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Novellas & Serials
Short Stories
Flash Fiction
Review Articles

Serialized works link to the authors’ bibliographies or
if none, to the last installment.


Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Made It Way Up
Tala Bar, Gaia

Novellas and Serials

Tala Bar, Sibyl
Fran Jacobs, Friday Night
Michael J A Tyzuk, Take the Helena

Short Stories

Ian Donnell Arbuckle, The Busy Life
Jason Earls, Hand of Something
Michael Hanson, The Night Jaunt of F. P. Willenby
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, The Neighbour
David Holub, Beef Stew and Self-Loathing
Susan Jane, They Fly and They Float
Fran Jacobs, The Cat
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith John Thiel, Adam S’th’rical
Clint Venezuela, The Beantown Silverfish
Lewayne L. White, Hail the Bob
Paul Williams, Saving Me

Flash Fiction

Charles Richard Laing Thomas R., A Life of Strange Miracles
Craig Snyder, Pantheresque
John Thiel, The Ranger Knew a Trick


Susan M. Gibb, Recycling
Thomas R.


Eric S. Brown interviews Stephanie D. Weidner, of Silver Lake Publishing


Deep Bora, Builders in Assam
Gerardo Brandariz, Whither the 21st Century: Enlightenment or Barren Paradise?
Norman A. Rubin, Islamic Metalwork

Review Articles

Mark Koerner reviews Robert A. Heinlein’s For Us the Living
Jerry Wright reviews Terry Pratchett’s Monstrous Regiment (combined with) The Magdalen Laundries


Kevin Ahearn, On Writing Novels Today (Challenge 88)
Kevin Ahearn and Don Webb, Writing Beyond the Sky
Mark Koerner Donald Sullivan, on the “Tolkien Bubble”
Don Webb, Writing on the Tide
A. R. Yngve, The Tolkien Bubble


Jerry Wright

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