Issue 204

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 204

Novella Jeani Rector, The Unmarked Grave, chapter 1;
    Chapter 2: part 1, part 2; Chapter 3
Taylor Collier, The Pickfords
Sean Hower, Stray Attachments, part 1; conclusion
Randall Lahrman, Janstein’s Subject
S. Michael Leier, Project Gateway, part 1; conclusion
Steven C. Levi, Poetry With Eight Feet
Tim Simmons, The Sign of the Cross
Lewayne L. White, Without Understanding
Brent Powers, Out of Egypt
Gloria Watts, She
Poetry Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Rummy Park, He Never Spoke
Pete Lee, Bonsai
Memoir Artie Knapp, Two Crows for an Empty Feeling
Eulogy Kevin Ahearn, To the late Jim Baen


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Taylor Collier, Artie Knapp,
    Randall Lahrman, Pete Lee, Jeani Rector, and Tim Simmons
The Critics’
Philip Knight and Mark Koerner discuss...
    Generation Ships: Bore or Blast?
Lewayne L. White and Don Webb discuss...
    The Politics of “Without Understanding”
Challenge Carmen Ruggero and Don Webb discuss Challenge 203
Challenge 204: Fate and Fallacies
The Art
A randomly rotating selection of Bewildering Stories’ art
The Reading
Clyde Andrews reviews...
    Robert A. Heinlein, The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
Jerry Wright reviews Daniel H. Wilson's How To Survive a Robot Uprising
Editorial Jerry Wright, Oh Really?

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