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Challenge 230

Bonus Questions

  1. In Mike Lloyd’s Observation Two, chapter 12, do you think Homeland Security officials would really let Toni Murano get off so easily with his non-answers to their interrogation? What do you think is going to happen?

  2. What dilemma does Robin face in her service to Hecate in Joanne Anderton’s “Threefold”? Is it simply that ‘no good deed goes unpunished’? How might the drama have been heightened in Robin’s confrontation with the bad witch?

  3. In Jörn Grote’s “Surface Tension,” why might Adrian want to go to so much trouble and expense to have the Superbrights revive his friend Thomas Upright, especially when his friend has such an erratic personality?

  4. What fatal mistake in judgment does the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs make in E. S. Strout’s “Green T.”

  5. Read Nik Perring’s “A Gift from the Little Green Man” as an adult’s story, and it will fall flat. For children of what age do you think this story is intended?

  6. Gloria Watts’ “Believe It” is not only an anti-vampire story, it’s a Cinderella story in which Cinderella has settled down to a routine married life with the prince. What is the “prince’s” — that is, the husband’s — attitude? Bonus question: name at least one other work of literature in which a romance is followed by a depiction of a humdrum marriage.

  7. In what way is Anna Ruiz’ “The Promised Land” a poem of both protest and affirmation? Bonus question: send us an essay explicating the imagery.

  8. What is the purpose of replying in both French and English to Hélène Calvez?

  9. Bonus question: Have you read Colin P. Davies’ “Babel 3000” in the March issue of Asimov’s yet?

Responses welcome!

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