Bewildering Stories

Aujulygust 2002

Issue #3



Revenge of the Randomizer by Kali Ferngrove

Short Stories

Digging for Adults by D. Harlan Wilson
The Night Land by M.J. Hewitt
Judah by M.J. Hewitt


The Flight of the Observer by Thomas R.
Sacrifice by M.J. Hewitt
Green Mountain Republic by Thomas R.
An Ouzel's Revenge by Thomas R.
Flood of Green Light by I. Spud
Shall I Compare Thee to an Asteroid? by I. Spud
A Duck's on It: A Duck Sonnet by I. Spud


The Photoplay Trilogy by Kevin L. Donihe


Report from British Intelligence: Biblical Plague from the Deeps by A High-Placed Anonymous Source


Editorial: More Nonsense by The Invincible Spud
Aujulygust 2002 Letters

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