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Bewildering Stories

Editors’ Choices: issues 176-188

Bewildering Stories’ First Quarterly Review of 2006

Reminder: Voting in Contest 2 will close with the appearance of issue 189. Click here to go to the Contest index. Please note the announcement of a meta-contest.

This unnumbered issue brings you the editors’ favorites from the first quarter of 2006. New readers will have a sample of what Bewildering Stories has been doing in the past three months, and veteran readers will have the chance to catch up on anything they may have missed. We’ll resume regular publication with issue 189 on March 20. The second quarterly review will cover issues 189-201.

  • Everything in green is a link.
  • All serials must have concluded in or before issue 188 in order to qualify.
  • Novel titles link to the authors’ bibliographies; all other links are direct.
  • Related stories are not classified as serials.
  • Multiple selections are listed in chronological order.
  • Contest entries are not eligible; they have their own Editors’ Choices.
Novels & Serials
Katherine Allen, Skoshi
Tala Bar, The King’s Daughter
Roberto Sanhueza, Katts and Dawgs, Abbey Road | Kitti’s Tale
Donald Schneider, Pride’s Prison
Short Stories & Flash Fiction
Karlos Allen, Shape | Countdown
Clyde Andrews, The Coven’s Curse
Maria Beliaeva, Damsel-in-Distress-ophiles
D. J. Burnham, The Dinner Guest
Colin P. Davies, The Thing from the Thing from Another World | The Evangelist
Beverly Forehand, Fallen
Donna Gagnon, A Trick of the Mirror
Hungry Guy, Bennie Downloads Marya
Jeff Haas, Cacophony of the Spheres | Immortality Street
Juleigh Howard-Hobson, Soldiers by Night
Gary Inbinder, The Exterminator
Hareendran Kallinkeel, Transcendental Meditation
Sam Kean, The Über-Unicorn
Harry Lang, The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea
Mary B. McArdle, Indigo Dawn
Darby Mitchell, Fish Story
Steven F. Murphy, Sharpshooter
Bolaji Odofin, Apeteshi
Rachel Parsons, As I See the Snow Melting
Brent Powers, Mud and Champagne
Slawomir Rapala, Dragon Scales | Atlantis
Carmen Ruggero, Forget Me Not
Katherine Sanger, Nice Fishy
Tamara Sheehan, Antiseptic House
Willie Smith, Solid Gas | Break for the Tape | Unsung Hero | Control of the Bomb
Mark Spencer, Honey, I Am Only a Big Foot | The King
James Allen Starkloff, Experience a Book
Thomas R. Willits, Why Do the Willows Weep?
Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Meeting Winter | You in the Future | Against the Gods | Limbo
Prakash Kona, Diapason | Ambivalence | Rites of Passage
Michael E. Lloyd, translation of Ronsard’s sonnet
Mary B. McArdle, Uncertain Sky | Subdivision | Nocturne | Cathedral
Darby Mitchell, Spider
Slawomir Rapala, O Vampire, My Love
Thomas D. Reynolds, Crash | New Book | Methods of Ghosts | Butterfly
Carmen Ruggero, That Gaudy Red Hat | Winter: A Silent Symphony | Forever Jasmine | Quilt of Deception | Sweet Petunias - Bitter Lemons | Moonless Night | You Light My Candle
Ian D. Smith, The Cleverest Man in World | Growing Tree
Vishal Thapar, The Corridor on the 6th Floor
Graciela Tillard, Sketches
Articles & Essays
Tala Bar, The Treasure Hunt in Life, Mythology and Literature
Mark Finn, Texas as Character in Robert E. Howard’s Fiction
John Olson, Monsieur Dupont
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Interview with Aslan
Steven Utley, Another Dream Movie | Science Marches On | Spawn of the Moon Bounce | Hard Times for Heroines | The Autobiography of an Autodidact
The Critics’ Corner
Carmen Ruggero, Short Fiction vs. Novel
Don Webb, Writing Action and Plot
From One Age to the Next
Pointed Rhetorical Questions
What is the Über-Answer?
Poets Apart
Valentine’s Presence
Pick an Ending
What’s a Superhero To Do?
Thoughts for Beginning Writers
Books We Gotcher Books
So What’s Happening
Growing Pains
Education Revisited

Write-in poll: What are your favorites? In any or all categories of this First Quarterly Review, imagine you are recommending at least one title to a friend, relative or acquaintance — real, virtual or imaginary — who might be interested. If you can tell why in a sentence or two, that would help a lot. The results may be published in The Critics’ Corner of a regular issue. We’ll omit names unless you request that yours be included. Please send us your recommendations!

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