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Bewildering Stories’ Second Quarterly Review, 2008

The Editors’ Choices: issues 284-296

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Bewildering Stories celebrates its 6th anniversary and begins Year 7 with the Review Editors’ selection of favorites from the second quarter of 2008. New readers will have easy access to the recent best of Bewildering Stories, and veteran readers will have a chance to catch up on anything they may have missed.

The Quarterly Reviews are Bewildering Stories’ honor roll, but they’re not a contest or competition in the strict sense of the term. There are no quotas: everything or nothing might qualify for a Quarterly Review. The Review Editors vote according to their estimate of each work’s success on its own terms.

As always, the Review Board’s discussions have been extensive, lively and insightful. A big Thank You to Agnes Blom, Bill Bowler, Fiona Davis, Bertil Falk, Gary Inbinder, R D Larson, Michael E. Lloyd, Sheila M. Murdock, Carmen Ruggero, and Lewayne L. White.

We also express our gratitude to our Coordinating Editor Bill Bowler and the Associate Editors. Their insightful and detailed critiques of submissions help us set what we like to think is a standard for editorial practice and for service to our contributors and readers.

Finally and foremost we congratulate the authors represented here. They and their works have well earned the honor. We hope they will inspire all our contributors.

We’ll resume regular publication with issue 297 on July 14, 2008.

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Part I Serialized Works, Essays, Memoirs, Departments
page 2:
Part II Poetry and Short Poetry
Part III Flash Fiction
The Quarter’s Best Issues
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Part IV Short Stories
Part V The Order of the Hot Potato
The Quarter’s Most Bewildering Issues

Selections are listed in alphabetical order by author and in chronological order by title.

Part I

Serialized Works

All serialized works must have concluded in or before issue 296 in order to qualify.

Novellas Bill Bowler, Upwyr
Bertil Falk, Eucharist for a Sinless Mankind
Serials O. J. Anderson, Dying to Kill
Bob Friedman, Graveless in South Cynica
Fred Ollinger, The Brummagem Clan Ablated

Essays and Memoirs

Essays Mark Murdock, Analogical Meaning in Lord of the Rings
Michael Murry, Beasts of My Land
Memoirs Dualta Carolan, The Battle of the Buttons
S. H. Linden, A Late Lunch
Gabriel Timar, God’s Country


Challenges Don Webb Stretch That Belt
To Nearby Shores
A Round in a Round
That Confounded Bottle
Eating Your Way to Heaven
Dana M. Paramskas, The Meaning of Stories

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Available at Bewildering Press

Bewildering Press
Jack Alcott, Grim Legion
Sam Ivey, Gilboy’s Quest
Martin Kerharo, The Dohani War
Harry Lang, The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea
Danielle L. Parker, In a Pig’s Eye
Slawomir Rapala, Aezubah, the Crimson General
Bertrand Cayzac, Floozman in Space
Michael E. Lloyd, Donna’s Men
Michael E. Lloyd, Missing Emilie
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Two
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Three

Bewildering Press

Grim Legion   Gilboy's Quest   The Dohani War   Mountains of the Eldritch Sea

Donna's Men Missing Emilie   Observation One   Observation Two   Observation Three

In a Pig's Eye   The Crimson General   Floozman in Space   Floozman dans l'espace

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