Bewildering Stories

Second Anniversary Retrospective: issues 91-104

The editors and readers look back fondly on Bewildering Stories’ year II and list titles they think will be of special interest to veteran readers and newcomers alike. This is the last in the series.

Selections from issues...
53-60 appeared in issue 104.
61-70 appeared in issue 105.
71-80 appeared in issue 106.
81-90 appeared in issue 107.

The selections are listed alphabetically by author and title. Only the initial installments of serials are referenced. Every title is a link.

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euhal allen, The Bridge
Lou Antonelli, I Got You
Gregory Hansen, Adverse Selection
Roberto Sanhueza, in chronological order: Katts and Dawgs on the Stairway to Heaven ; Katt Cuts It Thin ; Dawggy on Trial
Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, A Minotaur-So After High Noon
Michael J A Tyzuk, Rude Awakening ; The Soul Hunter
euhal allen, Stamp of Distinction
Katherine Allen, The Owl in the Supermarket
Ian Donnell Arbuckle, Goodbye, Grand Mother
Claire Yvette Colón, Prince Charming and the Lady Syncyre
Sherry Smith Gray, God’s Epiphany
Jörn Grote, Brute Force
Greg Hansen, Cross Contact
Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, The Big Insomnia ; Si vis pacem...
Stephen Heister, Bound in a Nutshell ; The Seemingly Random Emergence of Threes
John Thiel, A Parable Containing a Parabola
Kristen Tracey, Words and Colors No Man Can Understand
Bill Turner, Statements of Fact
Cecilia Wennerström, Hexaflexagon 8191
Simon Owens, His Lasts
Poetry Chris Dodson, Omega
Steven Francis Murphy, Earth, One Each
Michael Murry, Ad astra ex machina
Thomas R., Mrs. Frog ; The Moon, My Mother ; The Organ Grinder’s Monkey
Steven Utley, Doggerelium ; Pure Gas ; Wonders Never Cease ; A Concise History of the Universe
Interviews Bewildering Stories interviews Steven Utley
Eric S. Brown interviews the editors of Nocturne Press
Articles Deep Bora, Beyond Death ; Election Day in Assam ; Post-Election Days in India
Mark Koerner, From Esperanto to ET: Artificial Languages in the Internet Era ; Generation Ships: a Neglected Issue
Don Webb reviews Jane Jacobs’ Dark Age Ahead
Kevin Ahearn, The “Fahrenheit” Debate
Steven Utley, Detractors ; Fame and Fortune ; Help Me Waste My Full Potential ; Mighty Maiden Movie Music ; Welcome to the Future ; Words is My Life
Discussions Ásgrímur Hartmannsson, “Commentary on an Archived Poet”: Themes and Tone ; Form
Don Webb, The Dynamic Text ; Santa Claus Died in Lisbon ; Short-Sheeting the Bedsheet Ballot
Editorials in chronological order:
Jerry Wright, Looters on the Information Highway ; The Future of Books ; The Least Likely Places
Steven Utley, Visit with a Fun Guy
Jerry Wright, School Daze ; What's Going On?
Michael J A Tyzuk, Society for the P. of C. A.

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