Issue 283

Readers’ Guide: What’s in issue 283

Novel Slawomir Rapala, The Three Kings
Chapter II: A Line Undone, part 1; part 2
Serials O. J. Anderson, As Good as Dead
Stevan Allred, The Painted Man, part 3; part 4; conclusion
Rene Barry, Anna Immortal, part 1; conclusion
Ian Cordingley, Baby Stay Young
Dwight Krauss, Joanie Raisovich, The Betrayed, part 1; conclusion
Bill West, Under New Management
Thomas B. White, A Cannibal of Impeccable Tastes
Christopher Barnes, Pickerty Witch
Mary B. McArdle, Rainbow Star
Anna Ruiz, Bore Worm
Essay Bertil Falk, In the Rear View Mirror


Welcome Bewildering Stories welcomes Christopher Barnes,
The Critics’
Bertil Falk wonders about “The Dream Machine
John Stocks reveals the mystery of “Dog Days
Challenge Challenge 282: Fiona Davis and Don Webb discuss “The Pact”
Challenge 283: Under All Colors
Letters Josh Skinner writes about Editing
John Stocks writes about the late Arthur C. Clarke
Excerpts Colin P. Davies, Tall Tales on the Iron Horse
Contest 4 Luke Jackson, The Pigeon
The Art
NASA: Endeavour Spacewalk 9
NASA: Picture of the Day
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