Bewildering Stories

Issue 6

Toomuchtoremember 2002


Plenilune: Part 1 by C.C. Cheez
The Aisle of the Ductile Moron: Part Two by Aerin Drek


Random Acts of Weirdness by Kali Ferngrove

Short Novellas

Solanum Tuberosum by Chunky Cheez
Random Chaos and the Lone Soldier by Kali Ferngrove

Short Stories

The Five Thieves by Eric S. Brown
Men Do That, Sometimes by R. Jay Driskill
Pepe, the Club-Footed Elephant by John G. Hancock
Braised New World by Thomas Lee Joseph Smith
Dark Tide by Byron Starr
Fried Rice by Lane Trefoil
Stupid Story 7 by Enogee Drink
The Second Portal by Gehenna Inferno
The Bantam Mole Tooth by Chunky Cheez
Cheezland by Chunky Cheez
The Flyaway Garden by Chris Spoone
Meet Bob Gonzalez! by Aerin Drek
Random Happenings by Kali Ferngrove
Stupid Story 8 by Enogee Drink
Dumped from "Hyperdump" by The Invincible Spud
Outrage! by Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq.
Dumbstruck, with a Vengeance! by Decmerion P. Newhamstershire, Esq.


Fear by Neil Brown
It Comes by Neil Brown
Unquiet Dead by John Grey
The Count at the Mall by John Grey
At Night in the Old House by John Grey
The Diet by John G. Hancock
Still I Raced to the Blessed Land by Thomas R.
Soldiers of Heaven Came by Thomas R.
The Mountain Girl by Thomas R.
The Flying Beaver Song by R.E. Dorsal
Confused I Be by E. Person
The End by D.S. Browne
A Hundred Fifty-Three Against the Warped Autocracy by Jennifer E. Velasquez
A Piece of True-Life Metapoetry Passing for Fiction Disguised as a Dramatic Monologue by R.E. Dorsal


Satan's Indentation by Sherry Gray
The Plains of Nazca by Jo Bloggs
More of My So-Called Normal Life by Pittagarus K. Coleoptera


Egad! How Did That Ever Win the Nebula? by Alkaline Spudwort
Three Reviews by Thomas R.
Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds by Jerry Wright
Resident Evil Fails to Live Up by Eric S. Brown


& the Ones I Know by Various Authors


Visions of Bewilderment by Ima Stupide


Editorial: Win an Award! by The Invincible Spud
Editorial: Big Fat Double Issue by The Invincible Spud
Toomuchtoremember 2002 Letters

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