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Annual Review, 2010

The Mariner Awards: issues 366-412

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Mariner2 launch
The launch of Mariner 2
to Venus, August 27, 1962
This Annual Review revives the old Certificate of Merit as the Mariner Awards, named for one of the first successful interplanetary missions. The 65 works listed — out of 412 for the year — are the crème de la crème, the ones that the Review Board rated “very good” or “excellent” in 2010. They have earned Bewildering Stories’ most signal honor.

We’re sure that all readers can cite titles they’d like to add to these lists; fair enough. But we’re also confident they’ll find, upon review, nothing they would omit.

The Annual Review is divided into genres, like the Quarterly Reviews. However, we want to keep everything on one page, for your convenience. The titles are listed as in the Quarterly Reviews: alphabetically by author, with multiple titles in chronological order.

Everything in green is a link. Links open in a new window, so you won’t lose your place.

Only the Review Board’s selections are listed here. Since the Departments are selected by the Managing Editor, they remain in the Quarterly Reviews.

A pdf file of the 2010 Mariner Awards is available for download.


Michael E. Lloyd, Donna’s Men


Bill Bowler, High School Honey
Kir Bulychëv, Half a Life
Oonah V. Joslin, A Genie in a Jam


Marina J. Neary, Hugo in London


Bill Bowler, Charlenes 2 and 3
Harry Lang, Beneath the Ice
Danielle L. Parker, Reaper

Flash Fiction

Dan McNeil, Collecting Stones from a Beach
Carmen Ruggero, Trigal


Bertil Falk, In the Midst of Hell
Arthur M. Mackeown, On the House
V. Ulea, Sea Pilot on the Smokestack


Liana Alaverdova, Bill Bowler, Ars Poetica
Cat Enos, Routine Operation
Verdandi Kuhlman, Forzando
Marina J. Neary, Inside Darryl’s Bookcase
Carmen Ruggero, Coming to Terms
John Stocks
Short Stories

Jack Alcott, The Oceanic Express
Dean Francis Alfar, In the Dim Plane
Nikki Alfar, Tabaré Alvarez, The Corridor
A. Frank Bower, The Rule of Three
Phillip Donnelly, The Interactive Classroom
Bertil Falk Gary Inbinder, Mr. Eisenstein’s Holiday
Abha Iyengar, Drought Country
Blaise Marcoux, Yellow Pickle
Marina J. Neary, Where Else Can You Find Pies Like That?
Danielle L. Parker Diana Pollin Elyss G. Punsalan, Pursuit of the Litaniera
Mimi Rosen, Extraordinary Man
Brian Trent, Everywhere After All
Ron Van Sweringen John Vieczorek, Chickasaw Ridge
Ajay Vishwanathan, Bhima
Kaushik Viswanath, Chimera Khanna
Mike Voltz, Summer Rain
Don Webb, Taking Notice
Julie Wornan, The Dead Are Easy to Keep

Short Poetry

Rebecca Lu Kiernan, Snowball Effect
Harry Lang, Walking Wounded
Marina J. Neary John Stocks

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Jack Alcott, Grim Legion
Sam Ivey, Gilboy’s Quest
Martin Kerharo, The Dohani War
Harry Lang, The Mountains of the Eldritch Sea
Danielle L. Parker, In a Pig’s Eye
Slawomir Rapala, Aezubah, the Crimson General
Bertrand Cayzac, Floozman in Space
Michael E. Lloyd, Donna’s Men
Michael E. Lloyd, Missing Emilie
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation One
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Two
Michael E. Lloyd, Observation Three

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Grim Legion   Gilboy's Quest   The Dohani War   Mountains of the Eldritch Sea

Donna's Men Missing Emilie   Observation One   Observation Two   Observation Three

In a Pig's Eye   The Crimson General   Floozman in Space   Floozman dans l'espace

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