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John Thiel was born in Gary, Indiana and read his first SF in Valparaiso, Indiana at the age of eight. He tried writing sf and fantasy stories while in grade school and, when in fifth grade won an honorable mention for his Boy’s Life story contest entry, “Rocket Into the Past.”

He started a fanzine when he was twelve and organized the Junior International Science Fiction Club when he was fourteen, but all of his fiction, such as “The House That Jack Built” — about a man living in an experimental home on an asteroid who loses contact until he is contacted by some gods of space — has been published in fanzines. At one time he was contributing plots to the NFFF story bureau’s stockpile. He’s enjoying putting short stories at net sites and is now the editor of a netzine, Surprising Stories, reachable via a Bewildering Stories link on the “Links” page. He isn’t saying what he’ll do in the future.

Copyright © 2003 by John Thiel

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Serials Poetry Challenges, Discussions
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